Friday, July 23, 2010

Kelly Rowland - Commander (RAWR! Remix)

Hello everybody! Take a listen to the new Commander mix Paco and I have done. It's sonically one of the best mixes I've worked on and very fun musically. I've been waiting to use the melody you hear in the intro and verses on something for a while and turns out it fit Commander awesomely! There are 6 versions available this time around.

1. RAWR! Remix – 4:25
2. RAWR! Extended Remix – 6:43
3. RAWR! Radio Remix – 3:55
4. RAWR! Alternate Remix – 4:25
5. RAWR! Remix Instrumental – 4:25
6. RAWR! Demo Remix – 4:25

Download all 6!


Anonymous said...

REALLY great job as usual! :) i love it

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Anonymous said...

DUDE, you're like my hero <3

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Anonymous said...

please do Kelly's Motivation and Comeback - im especially fond of the (Karmatronic remix)