Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Lady GaGa - Just Dance

I REALLY like this new remix I did of Lady GaGa & Colby O'Donis. This is her new single and she has a cool sound. Check out her MySpace (/ladygaga) to check out the original song. Click the image below to download the mix.

5 Mixes:

1. Main Mix 3:50
2. Instrumental 3:49
3. Light Remix 3:50
4. Remix Edit 3:28
5. Club Remix 6:54


DEX said...

I'm loving your remixes of that track!!!!! Thank YOU!!!!! I wish i could buy the original version... I'm on Beatport, Masterbeat, Paypal... but no iTunes in my country and Amazon MP3 Store is only for USA... BUT i'd suggest posting mp3's instead (320).

jimmy said...

Hey can you post your remixes in MP3 320kbit, loving it too man

Alex Vallejo said...

I'd love to hear it, but I think the privacy settings are preventing me from DLing

Juan Pablo said...

Let me tell you something
this is the best best best
electro retro remix
of "just dance" and i can´t dowloaded
because know it´s private
i already subscribe in your youtube count 5 months ago and nothing
pass let me tell you something
spread your talent around the world!!!
my count is JuanPAtarI
tell me when you change your mind

KarmazabitcH said...

Hi my name is Josh, I have heard your other GaGa mixes and Love them, I would really like to download these and put them on my Zune....could you maybe send them to me via e-mail.... karma.kaarina@yahoo.com