Monday, October 1, 2007

Britney - Gimme More (The Lovecraft Remixes)!!!

Here they are! I finally got a chance to finish them thanks to Pete. Also, gotta thank Craig for backing me up on the naming. I hope you all like them because I really do! Enjoy!

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By remixing

1. Lovecraft Chicago Schoolyard Mix
2. Lovecraft 64 Bit Mix
3. Lovecraft Chicago Schoolyard Instrumental
4. Lovecraft 64 Bit Instrumental
5. Lovecraft Chicago Schoolyard Edit
6. Lovecraft 64 Bit Edit

DOWNLOAD - All files will appear in the folder. You can select them individually.


Anonymous said...

Great remixes Nick. Keep 'em coming!

Anonymous said...

dangggg those are hottttt. ur like way better thant osme of those "official" mixers out there. great job!

noam_moshe said...

tnx, but why do you render them in m4a format?

Stuntman-Mike said...

these remixes are on FIRE!!

Nick said...

I use AAC (.m4a) because they are better quality with smaller file sizes compared to MP3.

Anonymous said...

can you reload these??!?!!? i wanna hear them!! thnx

Anonymous said...

the links dont work anymore ='(

Anonymous said...